are retired Salvation Army officers now fully engaged in the “no strings attached” creative process. Joe began his life-long ministry adventure as the “Garbage Scraper” at Mt. Crags Camp, Malibu, California and concluded his official “active” part of that adventure as Territorial Commander of the USA Eastern Territory.  Doris began as babysitter/bugler at Camp Trestle Glen, Oregon and concluded her official sojourn as Associate Territorial Leader (You’ve come a long way, baby).   In between is enough intrigue and drama to fill the pages of a “tell all” autobiography - ah yes, the creative juices are beginning to flow on that one (maybe Joe will begin writing it on-line).
Joe’s ministry can be summed up in three words: Chaos, Creativity and Controversy - three elements implicit in any successful innovative endeavor. Cecil B. DeMille, renowned producer of Biblical epics, once wrote, “Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.” Joe’s mantra reads, “Creativity is my drug of choice.” Look for this creative opiate to make itself increasingly apparent in the continuing development of these cyberspace pages.
Doris has experienced three careers in her lifetime (apart from keeping her husband in balance): registered nurse, Salvation Army officer, writer/artist/poet/composer, and producer of two talented sons, one beautiful daughter-in-law and three perfect grandchildren (all will be sprinkled generously throughout these pages). Check out their websites to the left.
Creative Spirits
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them (Gen. 1:27 ).

Every time we say, “Let there be!” in any form, something happens – Stella Terrill Mann
When you send your Spirit, they are created, 
and you renew the face of the earth (Ps. 104.30). 

Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted – Martin Luther King, Jr.

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Eph. 2:10 NIV). 

                     Bill Cosby on
                         set of “Altars 
in the S            in the Street”

                     On back of Harley 
                         Davidson for Parade
                         in Puerto Rico                                    


Recommended Books:
Orbiting the Giant Hairball
The Present Future
The American Paradox
Self Renewal
Birth of the Chaordic Age

Slightly Irregular
Slightly Irreverent
Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now - Van  Goethe
joe and doris noland
The real me! Pictured above is the “organizational” me.
Joe Noland
48142 Calle Seranas
La Quinta, Ca. 92253
760-391-0607                                                                                          Hawaii:
135 Uluniu St. #305
Honolulu, Hi. 16815
OBJECTIVE:    Producing films that will make a difference by impacting both culture and
           viewer in positive, societal and life-changing ways.
                    •  Lifetime of varied and successful entrepreneurial accomplishments with an     emphasis on creativity and innovation.
                    Master of Science in Recreation Administration, 1975
    California State University, San Francisco
    Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, 1960
    California State University, Long Beach
    Sigma Pi Fraternity, Student Government
    Ordination in Ministry, 1965
    The Salvation Army College for Officer (Ministerial) Training, San Francisco
    Advanced Training, Special Recognition, 1979
    International College for Officers, London, England
                    U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Sept 1960 to Sept 1963
    Recreation Supervisor, June 1958 to Aug 1963
    Southwest Parks and Recreation District, Los Angeles, CA.
                    •    Program innovation, creation and supervision with emphasis on the dramatic arts.
    Commanding Officer, The Salvation Army, Flagstaff, AZ, July 1965 to June 1967
                    •    Planted new church congregation and commenced Salvation Army Social Services in this community.
    •    Organized fund-raising campaign bringing together a Board of Advisors representing outstanding business leaders in the community.
                • Member Flagstaff Kiwanis Club.
    Commanding Officer, TSA, South Phoenix, AZ, July 1967 to June 1971
    •    Planted new church congregation in inner city.
    •    Constructed and administered a 50,000 square ft community center, gymnasium, Olympic pool, library, game rooms, crafts, performing arts, outdoor ball films, auditorium, etc.
    •    Fund raising and community organization during the Civil Rights Movement.
    •    Member Phoenix Kiwanis Club
    Dean of Education, The Salvation Army School for Officer Training, San
    Francisco, July 1971 to June 1973.
    •    Administered all educational components of the curriculum.
    •    Directed the dramatic arts program    
    •    Produced and directed a stage musical, Purpose! (Cast by student body), and toured the West Coast with it.
    Youth and Candidates Secretary, The Salvation Army U.S.A. Western Territory(13 Western States), July 1973 to June 1978.
     •    Responsible for the oversight of all youth work in the territory including youth centers, camps and denominational programs.
    •    Responsible for the recruitment of officer (ministerial) candidates.    
    •    Co-wrote, produced and directed dramatic productions performed at San Francisco Opera House, Oakland Performing Arts Center and Pasadena Performing Arts Center, one titled Youth Phantasmagoria..
    •    Co-wrote and produced stage musical, Same Old Story, cast and performance by Hollywood Tabernacle Corps (Church).
    •    Spoke and performed at youth events throughout the U.S.
    Divisional Secretary for Business, Northern California Division, TSA, July 1978 to June 1980.
     •    Responsible for the oversight of property, legal and personnel matters within the division.
    Commanding Officer and Administrator for TSA Orange County, CA, July 1980 to June 1988.
     •    Pastor of a large congregation, responsible for all social services and fund raising throughout the county with a youth center and Hospitality House to feed and house needy families.
    •    Planted an additional Hispanic congregation.    
    •    Co-wrote, produced and directed a youth spectacular, SA 21 for the International Youth Congress with 5000 delegates from around the world: The production included, animals, skydivers, lasers, fireworks with state-of-the-art sound and visuals, the cast and crew recruited from the congregation.
    •    Co-wrote, produced and directed a Centennial Musical Production, MajesticMaiuticaMagicMachine, performed at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium live and on film with a walk through screen with cast recruited through the congregation.
    •    Member Santa Ana Kiwanis Club
General Secretary (2nd in Command), TSA Southern California Division, July 1988 to June 1990.
    •    Responsible to the Divisional Commander, giving oversight all TSA programs, San Diego to San Luis Obispo.
    •    Producer of Billy Graham’s 50th Anniversary Dinner and Show at the Beverly Hilton Hotel (Involving a cast of Hollywood celebrities).
    •    Co-wrote, produced and directed a stage musical, Foreverafter, cast from congregations throughout Calif, with premiere at Long Beach Performing Arts Center.
    •    Co-wrote, produced and directed a mini stage musical, Heaven Scent, for a women’s conference in Los Angeles.
    Divisional Commander, TSA Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division, July 1990 to Oct 1993.
    •    Responsible (CEO) for all TSA operations: Hawaii, The Marshall Islands and Micronesia.
    •    Opened TSA work in Laura, Majuro, Ebeye, Pohnpei and Guam.
    •    Directed relief efforts after Hurricane Iniki hit the islands.
    •    Led a Capital Fundraising Campaign raising $5 million for camp facilities and a senior housing complex.
    •    Reopened historic Waioli Tea Room.
    •    Co-wrote and Directed musical salute for retiring TSA General in New York City: Technicolor Army.
                • Honolulu Rotary Club
    Secretary for Program, TSA USA Western Territory (13 Western states), Nov 1993 to Sept 1996.
    •    Member of Executive Cabinet responsible to the Territorial Commander for all programs in the territory.
    •    Producer of all territorial productions, Commissioning (Ordinations), Congresses, Conferences, musical events, etc.
    •    Traveled extensively and spoke throughout USA and Canada.
    •    Chairperson of the National Program Commission.
    Chief Secretary (Second in Command), TSA Australia Eastern Territory with HQ’s in Sydney, Oct 1996 to Aug 1998.
    •    COO responsible to the Territorial Commander for all operations in the Territory.
    •    Traveled extensively speaking throughout Australia.
    Territorial Commander, TSA USA Eastern Territory, HQ New York, Sept 1998 to July 2002.
    •    CEO and President of the corporation, responsible for all operations, personnel, fund raising, investment portfolio, etc., in 12 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands: 1730 officers (ministers), 12,000 employees, 460 Corps, 36,000 members and 144 institutions.
    •    Led all TSA relief operations at Ground Zero following the 9/11 attack.
    •   Executive Producer of the film, Unsung! a documentary of the efforts             following 9/11, narrated by Richard Dreyfuss.
    •    Initiated a program, HopeShare, designed to reach children-at-risk. In conjunction to that program was Executive Producer of a docudrama titled, Altars in the Street, narrated by Bill Cosby, premiered at an International Congress event, aired and distributed nationally.
    •    Published an innovative magazine, Priority!, now being distributed worldwide within TSA.
    •    Initiated a Performing Arts Department, CAST, providing opportunity for training in the arts and performing nationwide.
    •    Traveled extensively speaking worldwide: US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Mozambique, Haiti, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Korea, Hong Kong.
    Founder and President, Hope Productions, Sept 2002 to Present.
    •    Creative Consultant for development of HopeShare materials and programs to reach at risk children which has now spread nationwide, Canada, Mexico, South America, Philippines and Australia.
    •    Creative consultant and initiating developer of the KROC Community and Performing Arts Center in Honolulu, HI. Wrote competitive proposal with Hawaii selected high on the list and awarded $80 million. Produced a film presentation documenting purpose and future of the center narrated by Island entertainer, “Mr. Aloha,” Danny Kaleikini. Spearheaded $23 million dollar fund raising campaign.
    •   Speaking engagements worldwide.
    •    Written and published several books (see list below).
    Executive Producer, Hallowed Ground Productions, 2009.
Commendations and Awards
1971: Special citation, Arizona State Senate for pioneering innovative programs in the inner city, Phoenix, Arizona.
1991: Promoted to Lt. Colonel.
1993: Frank Fasi, Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu, proclaimed October 26, 1993, as “JOE AND DORIS NOLAND DAY” in the City and County of Honolulu, in appreciation for their many contributions to our community and made “Honorary Citizens” of that city. Also received a commendation from the State Senate.
1996: Promoted to Colonel.
1998: Promoted to Commissioner.    
2002: Received “2002 Excellence of Ministry to Children Award” from the International Network of Children’s Ministry.
Books Authored
A Little Greatness
No Limits Together
HOPE: Flight Manual for Prospective Angels
Lean Right, Love Left: Balancing the Body
(Ready for Publication)
Out of the Rubble… Revolution!