Creative Moments
~Creative is as Creative does~
(This page will change as new creative ideas, images and concepts unfold. Send us your “Creative Does” photo and we will showcase it here)
Creative evangelism through the streets of Puerto Rico
A creative moment with Bill Cosby on the set of Altars in the Street.
One creative timbrel routine
Preaching the vision
A creative Sunday School Visitor’s Day Rally - 1000 in attendance resulting in a slew of Junior Soldiers being enrolled - all brand new to the Army
Getting creative with Ronald McDonald as special guest for the Visitor’s Day - almost had him enrolled as well
A creative children’s outreach ministry in Australia
Aggressive Christianity formula adapted from the creative vision of Catherine Booth
Translated in Korean - can’t get more creative than that
Children’s home in Haiti where some of the most creative evangelism and church growth on this planet occurs. Amazing and miraculous.
With Carol Jaudes backstage on set of “Cats” where she played Jenny Anydots for five years. This was her last show before coming to The Salvation Army as our Creative Arts Director. For the Army, fortunately, it was not “CATS now and forever.”
You can come up with your own creative caption for photo on right - send it to me
Privileged to produce Billy Graham’s 50th Anniversary Gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel (when GS in Southern Cal) - about as spiritually creative as it gets
As Territorial Commander, praying with first responder team at Ground Zero on the morning after the attack of the World Trade Center in New York City. Chaos is the incubator for creativity and we witnessed a whole lot of chaos and creativity in the days and months to follow - creativity and innovation taken to a higher, miraculous level by our team leaders and their volunteers. Creativity needs freedom to flourish and there were no constraints at Ground Zero. It was the perfect example of what can happen when  released and empowered. Its called...
               CREATIVE FREEDOM!