Have you experienced “A Little Greatness?” Divided into three parts, this book explores true greatness: Great Power, Great Grace and Great Joy. A Bible study and discussion guide included for group or individual study. Experience it!
$4.95 (5 or More): $3.95 ea.
Imagine for a moment a world without limits, where failure is not a reality and fear does not have the last word. Imagine the infinite possibilities for the kingdom of God! This is a book about vision written for The Salvation Army, but the principles outlined are adaptable for any God-seeking individual or institution.
$4.95 (5 or More): $3.95 ea.
On this CD Doris Noland uses her gifts as a composer, lyricist and vocalist to touch, comfort, encourage and inspire. Her style is 60’s folk, honed in the coffee houses and on the streets of San Francisco.  Sample her unique sound at
This beautifully illustrated book will appeal to both children and adults with a futuristic, positive, uplifting message. Great resource for children’s ministries and comes with a “God Loves You” heart- shaped pillow.
$7.95 (with pillow)
(5 or More): $6.95 ea.
Narrated by Richard Dreyfus, this chilling and powerful documentary, filmed at Ground Zero, showcases the unheralded service of The Salvation Army during the aftermath of this horrific 9/11 attack. This film is a “must see” for churches, clubs, organizations, and other like-minded groups. Now available in DVD format. $6.95
Introduced by Bill Cosby, this moving and inspiring docudrama poignantly tells the story of two “at risk” children
with two totally different outcomes that will surprise you. Be warned, you will need your “hankies” to view this film. Use this resource to inspire church groups and other organizations to action - a motivator for recruiting children’s ministry workers.
VCR Format: $3.95. DVD: $6.95
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A “must read” for every discerning Christian desirous of reclaiming and emulating the radicalism of Jesus in a 21st Century context. The author refers to it as, “Compassionate Radicalism.” It is also a “must read” for those skeptics who have received mixed messages, thereby causing them to question the genuineness and credibility of modern-day Christianity. It’s a book designed to bring balance to the Body of Christ. And Salvationists will be particularly interested in its Army Perspective. It comes with “The First Stone” encased in an attractive, black velour pouch and a “Revolution” book mark - both designed to remind the reader, continuously, of key spiritual truths outlined in the book.

$5.95 ea. (5 or More: $4.95 ea.) Do you want to experience a two-fold blessing? Do you want want to prosper and do you want the future to prosper through you? Are you ready for a life-changing experience? If so, this manual is for you. It’s about opportunity, risk and change. It’s about a revolutionary flight plan that will take us to new heights morally, ethically and spiritually. It’s about you and one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Above all, it’s about hope - and a promise from God of prosperity. Hope is an angel and these pages will inspire you to “Join the Flight!”

Hardcover: $6.95
(5 or More):  $5.95 ea.
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